Our Mission

2b NonProfit strives for the empowerment and promotion of underrepresented and emerging artists. Our mission is to support talented artists of peripheral communities by providing avenues of exposure and propelling their work into the public spectrum.

About Us

Established in 2006, 2b NonProfit is dedicated to giving back to the art community. As members of Miami’s cultural landscape, we understand the importance of our role in the collective enrichment of younger generations of artists. We firmly believe that art is in an integral part of our lives; the recognition and celebration of artists and their works can transform our world.

2b NonProfit endeavors to orchestrate activities and programs in four different areas:

• Educate and provide guidance to artists on how to navigate the commercialization of their work
• Organize special programs and exhibitions to build a two-way bridge between artists and their communities
• Generate institutional relations for the approximation of artists (museums, galleries, cultural centers and residencies, among others)
• Assist with grant writing for artist residencies and community education


• Cultivate an approachable and inclusive leading space for contemporary artists
• Drive interest in the community to avidly participate with art and culture
• Introduce the work of artists to wider audiences and onto international platforms
• Educate the public on contemporary art and provide inspirational stimuli for local artists
• Encourage collectors and patrons to invest in works by artists from 2b:

Every art piece sold by 2b will directly contribute to our mission of reinvesting into our community and edifying the futures of the artists.


Alfredo Guzman

Isaac Perelman

Alyn Kalach
Executive Director

Valentina Bolcatto
Entre Ríos coordinator

Founder Board:
Beatriz Salvatierra
Susana Tadei

Advisory Board:
Joshua Bratter
Jairo Marin
Nina Surel
Raquel Schwartz
Darío Samada
Rosalia Mogro
Janet Batet
Ruth Infarinato
Joshua Goldberg

2b is supported by:

Fill the form below to contact us, or send an e-mail to alfredo@2bnonprofit.com or alynk@2bnonprofit.org