Gustavo Germano

B. 1964

Born in 1964 in Chajarí, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Currently based in Barcelona.
Gustavo Germano started working in photography in 1984. Since 1990 he has collaborated extensively with different newspapers and magazines as a photojournalist and graphic media editor. His acclaimed photography project Ausencias (Absences), which has been exhibited more than 100 times around the world, displays archival images of the missing victims of State violence alongside photographs of their surviving family and friends, confronting the viewers with the many layers of distance and emptiness that populate the landscape of memory, both personal and collective. Gustavo, brother to Eduardo Raúl Germano, detained-disappeared by the Argentine military dictatorship, reminds us that, although the violence and brutality of Latin America’s recent history might be in the past, they are still part of the everyday lived experiences of those who have learned to live “with the permanent presence of absence.”