B. 1976

Marcelo Estebecorena is a visual artist, actor, and performer. He was born in Buenos Aires on May 6th, 1976, but he moved with his family to Paraná, Entre Ríos, when he was 3. His education and training began in 1995. He considers himself self-taught but he highlights the examples of visual and plastic artists, performers, photographers, actors, and directors from across the country and along his career in seminars, national scholarships, festivals, and shows. He has participated in over 50 works, performances and street acts. He was also the founder of Mínima Escuela (Traveling Theater School), as well as a cofounder of Elefante Multiespacio (Art Space) and Dilettantes (group of curators enthusiasts of plastic arts), all three projects in Entre Ríos. His work as an actor in “Los Kennedy” stands out, for which he was named Best Actor by the INT. The play “Radiomensajes”, which he directed, was selected to represent Entre Ríos by the INT and by the Cervantes National Theater for the cycle El Teatro del País. With his play, “Yo Maté a William”, he obtained the acknowledgement of best original play in the Crespo International Theater Festival. Additionally, he was a part of the street art group Las Mochilas. He currently resides in Buenos Aires, where he maintains a close relation with plastic art and performance, besides his theatrical activities. His last virtual show was on June 23rd through Prana Gallery. In 2019, he performed in at Munar, Pasto Gallery, Borda Cultural Center, and on Corriente Avenue. His performances and paintings are inspired by the monstrous; on the body as an object of art; and desire as gestures of action and activation of other options. Estebecorena is a member of Princesa de Asfalto, an action group directed and coordinated by Silvio Lang. He is also studying at the neighborhood visual arts school of Boca Manuel Belgrano. On the old walls of the neighborhood where he lives, one can see some of his works.