B. 1997


Khánh Nguyên H. Vũ is [ now going by just: Vũ] is an artist that was born in, Biên Hòa, Việt Nam. Their practice has become a marriage of mediums ranging from paintings to installations, collectivizing a body of work that explores heritage, coming of age, and reclaiming knowledge that was once lost. By employing a poetic visual style, Vũ utilizes found images, found objects, and vivid lived experiences as the source material for haunting, ethereal paintings/creations. A strict Vietnamese Catholic upbringing informs their practice, and through it, they're making use of the spiritual practices that they were exposed to as a starting point to explore their queer, nonbinary personhood, reclaiming and transmuting rituals that were once a burden. They view the works as a mirror, reflecting the present reality that we live in; each piece is a visual settings for meditations on memory, loss, and rebirth.