Paraná - Miami

2b Residency is a program that empowers cultural producers and keeps the city’s position as a driving force for contemporary art by infusing it with widely renowned artists and professionals.

To create a cultural exchange model in the Residency Program, 2b offers artists a work space and residence in Miami.
The primary focuses of the Residency Program are:
Living / working space for international artists and
Offering artists, curators, and other international cultural producers opportunities for research, for creating new works and supply visibility on the artistic community

The organization was founded in 2006 and is generously backed by grants by Miami Dade Cultural Affairs, the Argentinian Consulate in Miami, the Honorable Deliberating Council of Paraná, and private donors.

The first call “Dos Ciudades, Dos Siglos” was carried out in 2013. The winning project was “Cudal” by visual artist Lucas Mercado. The members of the jury were Guido Ignatti, Alejandro Ikonicoff, Isaac Perelman, Alfredo Guzmán, Raquel Schwartz, Daniela Luna, Andreína Fuentes, Lucrecia Urbano, Federico Lanzi y Carlos Asiaí. The proposal was selected by the jury to be developed in Miami, with a varied agenda that included work with gallerists, plastic artists, photographers, art critics, among other activities.

The second call was done in 2014. The winning project was “Materia Peniente”, which was presented under the pseudonym “V!”, and whose author is plastic artist Carlos Battauz, from Paraná.
The work project presented by Battauz was evaluated by a jury composed of members of international prestige, who awarded him with being able to develop it during his residency at Dot Fiftyone Gallery in Miami.

The third call was carried out in 2015. The selected artist was Victoria Ruiz Díaz, who was chosen by an internationally prestigious jury. The proposal she presented was a project she had been developing for four years. It was called “De Otros Mundos” and consisted of hybrids and inventions that she drew on scientific films. Her idea was to “work within the environment of the place where she developed the project, generate new contributions, and execute a work and research installation”.
Even though the artist was selected, her trip for residency wasn’t realized for institutional management reasons.

This proposal intends to substantiate, first of all, the residency of the last winner of the competition, Victoria Ruiz Díaz, and to continue with the project so it can be implemented once a year, starting with 2021.
Our interest is to strengthen the work of artists from Entre Tierras, distributing their work internationally, and to contribute to the exchange between artists of different nationalities.
Besides that, 2b Nonprofit Gallery of Paraná will award the winning project with a solo exhibition in that space.