Speakers: Cristian Armendares and Pablo Sabbatela

La portland + UADER

La Portland and the Discipline of Visual Experimentation (FHAYCS - UADER) present a project that is related to the new forms of circulation and market of digital works of art.

It includes two activities:
Online talk about non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital art, and use of cryptocurrencies
NFTs will be explained, understood, and portrayed as tools for artistic production.
Talk: October 15th at 6pm, on Google Meet

Digital art exhibit through an open invitation
This invitation will be screened by a jury. The selected artists will exhibit their work on an NFT gallery, with the intention of keeping the content on an immutable and permanent blockchain which will be published on the La Portland Gallery webpage. First place will be given a “Samsung A7” tablet and there will be up to two honorable mentions.

Both the TALK and the EXHIBITION are free to access.
Participation certificates will be granted.

About the speakers:
Cristian Armendares works with identification, analysis, and responses on incidents of information security and detection of digital fraud (AFIP); technological infrastructure, software update, management and mending of vulnerabilities (National Ministry); structure of actions and human and digital resources, in order to cover the needs of the State on the subject of production of Digital Resources and Software (CIARDI).

Pablo Sabbatella is a technological entrepreneur with a background in finance, investments, and digital security. He currently works on research, investment, and distribution of the crypto environment and DeFi (decentralized finances). He’s the Growth Leader at Exactly, a DeFi protocol that offers fixed rate long term loans. He’s a founder of Defy Education, an academy for the learning of everything related to the crypto environment and decentralized finances; as well a founder of Defy Builders and of Tech CXOs.

Questions at: 2bentrerios@gmail.com