Study of Art Works in Paraná’s Municipal Salon of Illustrated Poem

The two artists, scholars, and teachers are working on a project devoted to the enhancement and promotion of Paraná’s artistic heritage, by rescuing, cataloging, and preserving the works in Paraná’s Municipal Salon of the Plastic Arts and Illustrated Poem (Salón Municipal de Artes Plásticas y Poema Ilustrado).

Since 1992 the city’s artistic patrimony has been enriched by the acquisition prizes awarded by the Municipal Salon of the Plastic Arts. Acosta and Moreira’s research project aims at its preservation and enhancement by surveying the archives and making a photographic record, as well as showcasing the results through a public-access digital catalog.

The first stage of the project will rely on the crucial help of the community, especially that of the artists who have been awarded acquisition prizes, who can contribute images from their archives, photographic records of their works, catalogs, personal anecdotes, newspaper clippings, and any other material they may deem relevant.

Contact: proyectopatrimonioparana@gmail.com