Package Way

Philip Lique is an artist whose cross-disciplinary work touches on myth, history, and skilled making. Culminating at this intersection of interests is a passion to construct a full-scale maze somewhere within the city limits of Miami.

An ever-evolving idea, the artist's impulse to construct a maze is evident in his paintings, sculpture, and most often expressed in his many applications and proposals for funding and support.

One of Lique's latest maze inspired concepts, entitled "Package Way" is a combination of the artist's desire to identify relationships between the products we use, their packaging and the paths they travel to get to us. "Package Way" also endeavors to host a "micro" art exhibit in its center, serving as inclusive programming which can be accessed only by those brave enough to navigate the installation.

As opportunities arise, Lique revises the parameters of his passion project as an exercise in editing, artistic conceptualization, and creative writing.