Artist in the Residency

With: Lucas Mercado

Lucas Mercado presents Caudal, a project imagining landscapes by redefining fantasies out of everyday lives. The artist received the 2B Artist in Residency Grant sponsored by the “Honorable Concejo Deliberante - Ciudad de Parana” and “2B Non Profit”, from Miami. He was selected by a panel of judges comprised of Guido Ignatti, Alejandro Ikonicoff, Raquel Schwartz, Daniela Luna, Andreina Fuentes, Lucrecia Urbano, Federico Lanzi and Carlos Asiain.

He was born in Paraná in 1980. He’s a visual artist, muralist, independent producer, and a professor, graduated from the Visual Arts School of Paraná. He has participated in individual and collective showcases in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Santa Fe, and Tucumán. He was given a scholarship by the Antorchas Foundation and the Nuevo Banco of Entre Ríos Foundation. Mercado held an artistic residency in 2013 at the Dot Fiftyone Gallery in Miami, USA. He is the author of the poetry plaque Río Colorado (Iván Rosado, Rosario, 2011) and El Caudal (Parientes Publisher, Paraná, 2015). He’s a collaborator with the Entre Ríos magazine, Jirafas. Mercado is part of the Parientes group and, along with Julia Acosta, directs Parientes Publishing and a fanzine. He’s also a part of the anthology Informe. Historieta Argentina del Siglo XXI (EMR, Rosario, 2015).